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 Thanks to Obama we now have Indoctrination of our children

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PostSubject: Thanks to Obama we now have Indoctrination of our children   Thu May 05, 2011 3:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Thanks to Obama we now have Indoctrination of our children   Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:43 am

Finally others speaking out, WHY is it we know nothing of this president when our Constitution clearly states he must be vetted and reveal all things about his education and his past. Why is it that our so called Liberal Media stays silent on this issue, when it is there job and responsibility to bring this to light. If this was a conservative or a republican it would be plastered all over the daily news like this did Bush when he was running for office. Why is it no one reports on our children in our public school systems paid for by our tax dollars are being indoctrinated into the facist views by progressive democratic facist party. Used Feminism to remove mothers from the home so the schools became their parents, all the while the indoctrination process began and kept building as those kids progressed through the school system. Now our own children speak out against their own parents, they have been taught that the family is their enemy and the state is their family. If we just had a facist government they would be taken care of from cradle to grave. For this reason our country is being stolen from hard working Americans whos sons and daughters sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we now enjoy and sytematically being taken from us by this administration. If Americans do not wake up and vote this man out of office, all our freedoms will be stripped and we will have a new Hitler in our mist. Parents wake up start by reading the books your kids are studing in the school system, look at the fact they no longer learn english, math, science, and the basics then take a good hard look at what they are learning. History has all been changed to promote a facist society,social studies are now about a one world government. Ask your kids simply questions like which president freed the slaves and what party was he with. Then ask them what is the difference between the parties,democrats and republicans. Start participating in your kids education,send them to the web to verify what they are learning compared to the true history of America. And check it before you allow them to see for they will be sent by the school system to a site where will be what they are being taught. If you truly love you kids you will do this for them. Now you parents start checking facts for yourselves make informed decision before voting, if someone has to hide or seal their past, that should be a warning sign to all. Can't find anything try u-tube all info so far flow freely through there until it is shut down, as I am seeing it systematically being shut down one by one. Especially info on our president just before election, why do you suppose this is. Check out Bill Whittle very informative info there about the systematic breaking down of American values, if we do not do these things we may as well hand over our country to the UN. Check into all the policy changes that has occured since obama has taken office gives you a good idea of what his stands really are,take a good hard look at the attacks against all religions and exspecially christians, look at how their values are being taken away from them one by one, then think to yourselves is this what I want for America. Do this before the election so that your make an informed decision. If not our country will be lost the only country in the world that stood for freedom and liberty and justice gone because it's people we to lazy to be informed and protect her.One last thing bring your cameras with you to the poles to make sure you votes count and are not veto by illegals voters like the dead,criminals and nonamericans this maybe be needed later for evidence. This is a crucial vote for America and after the last elections take no more chances with our rights.
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Thanks to Obama we now have Indoctrination of our children
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