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 Obama Terrorism - Twin Towers - Bradley Manning

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PostSubject: Obama Terrorism - Twin Towers - Bradley Manning   Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:55 am

I would like tp introduce a personal video statement directed at the Obama Administration, the United Nations, and the World Court over the last few days. A direct communication was sent to the UN Human Right's Council; and, it seems that it has also arrived in Washington, due to recent connections I have seen enter into a certain social network I am registered in.

The video link can be found on my YouTube account at: youtube_com/user/inNOMEdiJio

Newly established Governmental definitions and laws have, in fact, been violated by one Mr. aka Obama; and Members of the US Congress, the US Senate, Pentagon Officials, and certain 3rd-Party Security Organizations. To be specific: the Official Government definition of "Terrorism".

Bradley Manning was, in fact, under obligatory 'Oath' (Armed Forces) contracted to defend America from terrorism, war crimes, human rights violations, and the like, being perpetrated either external of US geographical boundaries or within the USA itself. The later 'Oath' to include questionably seated Commanders-in-Chief and entities within the US Government.

There exists specifically validated evidence that: 1 > The Twin Towers were not demolished as the US Government Officials have stated; 2 > that Mr. aka Obama, has in fact violated US Laws by entering into the position of The President of the United States of America; thus voiding all laws, treaties, etc. signed into effect under his unlawfully occupied regime; 3rd > that Bradley Manning, in fact, defended, according to his Oath and Contract with the US Government and America as a Nation, in the only possible manner by seeking exposure of: corruption, violation of human rights, war crimes, and on, through an International and external mode of disseminating these facts. Obviously, if he attempted to do so within the structure of the US Armed Forces and/or the US Government, he would never have been permitted to bring to surface these criminal acts.

Thank you, for the opportunity you have given me here on "Wake Up America 911" to participate actively in seeking Justice for all those, who have given their lives, as Armed Force's Members or Civilians; and further, all those who continue on paying for that, which has been perpetrated against "We the People" within the USA, and within Humanity by the so-called 'Elites'.

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PostSubject: Re: Obama Terrorism - Twin Towers - Bradley Manning   Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:17 am

Your very welcome and thank you. I haven't been on here for a long while , I've been focused on my youtube productions but I'm searching for someone who can run the forum for me and add new catagories and topics so this should get going here soon, and I'm adding this link into all my videos.
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Obama Terrorism - Twin Towers - Bradley Manning
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