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  More 9/11 Evidence

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PostSubject: More 9/11 Evidence     More 9/11 Evidence  EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 8:55 pm

There is already a mountain of evidence to prove that the events of 9/11 were orchestrated by people within our government, some of that evidence by their own admission. I submit these facts to support those already known:

The "Patriot" Act, which effectively stripped Americans of their constitutional rights, was published only DAYS after 9/11; this proves criminal conspiracy. The treasonous work is a book 4 inches thick. That it existed only days after 9/11 is Prima Facie evidence that it was begun long BEFORE 9/11, for that is 4 inches of material that had to be planned, considered, debated, written, and edited, then considered and debated again before being passed. This is a long and complicated process that takes several weeks at best to complete. The "Patriot" Act cannot be comprehensibly read in a few days, and certainly cannot be meaningfully debated in that time frame. By reason of sheer volume alone, composition of the act began before the events that supposedly inspired it, proving its criminal origin. In my opinion, every person whose name appears on that document is guilty of treason. Even if they were not involved before the fact, they violated their oath to defend the Constitution and serve We The People by not knowing what they were signing.

A video posted on YouTube, "Missile, not jet hit World Trade Center" uploaded by overkillportugal shows the first WTC impact; the video clearly shows a firecrew in position BEFORE the first impact. You can see that the firemen are bored, waiting for orders.

Here are two instances of actions that prove that persons within our own government knew what was going to happen. A third matter is possible evidence waiting to be found:

The Pentagon was constructed to withstand acts of war. It is a virtual safe five stories tall. That it was damaged as extensively as it was indicates that a military weapon was used, and that weapon was very likely a small-scale nuclear device. If so, there should be a high level of radioactivity present, and that radioactivity might be visible to a night vision camera. Airplanes don't have radiation, and radiation doesn't just go away anytime soon.

I hope someone living in the D.C. area will film the Pentagon's damage sight with a night vision camera to either validate this supposition, or exclude it from possibility. The footage might very well be the smoking gun that wakes Americans up to the totalitarian regime that is trying hard to establish its authority over all of us.

We The People
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PostSubject: Too True     More 9/11 Evidence  EmptyWed Nov 07, 2012 4:15 pm

Ya but America is too blind to see it I guess
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More 9/11 Evidence
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